Any real-world experience you can accumulate will benefit you later on when entering the professional world.

Are you about to finish school but unsure about what field interests you most and where you want to start your career?


An internship with us can help you find the answers!




People often have rosy ideas about a certain kind of job which prove to have little to do with the realities of day-to-day work in that profession. Internships are thus an ideal opportunity for you to get broad introductory impressions, make contacts and get to know organisations that could end up being your employer.

Internships make it easier for you to choose an apprenticeship field, and give us an overall impression of you, which can make it easier for the two of us to get together on an employment basis.



We accept applications for secondary/high school student internships in technical product design on an ongoing basis. Just visit our Careers portal and send us your application documents.


Internships in other areas are available at RLE by mutual coordination, just call us promptly in advance to discuss.

Your contact person

Silke Klüsener

Your contact person for internships or dual studies