Cooperative education programme

Putting what you’ve learned into practice! 


Highly motivated and dedicated candidates are invited to apply for the RLE cooperative education program in business administration.


In parallel with your classroom studies you will already be gaining practical experience at RLE, yielding a better understanding of the theory side in a real-world setting; conversely, you’ll be learning more in depth about day-to-day business processes in your degree coursework.

‘Co-op ed’ students get a chance to learn about corporate R&D processes first-hand, with additional opportunity to rotate through other departments including Human Resources, Accounting, Marketing, Sales and Purchasing. Your work will include administrative activities and autonomous project work. You will be learning how to use our computer systems, specialised software and internal corporate communications channels. Once able to utilise these and other tools, you will train on doing project work.


If interested, just send in an application or contact us by phone to talk about ways to get on board at RLE.

Your contact person

Silke Klüsener

Your contact person for internships or dual studies