What do our interns or trainees say about workting at RLE INTERNATIONAL?

Exciting international projects

As an apprentice you will be involved from the outset in current, exciting and future-oriented projects and will be working with international colleagues.

Apprentices as technical product designers are immediately assigned to tasks within the vehicle development, such as welding equipment, or within the field of renewable energies, especially wind turbine construction. Thus, one can act right from the start in the development, design and engineering of new products.

Overall, the interaction with colleagues is rather informal than straight formal business communication, with each employee receiving support from colleagues. Even outside of work this family feeling is preserved through events such as summer parties, Christmas parties, bowling nights, dinners and special events organized by the apprentices themselves.

Marco Stein2nd year of apprenticeship as technical product designer

Home treatment

While searching for an apprenticeship I more or less ran into RLE by chance. But I was immediately very impressed by the variety of business areas RLE is involved with. I was also grabbed by curiosity, because for me RLE seemed to be a training site where you can experience a lot of variety, work independently but also as a team member and that there are many tasks and departments to be taken through.

And until today I haven`t been disappointed. In addition, the communication within the entire company is more informal than just purely business. Here, everyone has an open door and ear for your questions and problems. The cooperation within the team, even across our different sites has until now worked well in all departments and was fun indeed. Special social events, such as for example to independently organize a day in a climbing garden were a complete success.

I think it's good that you are very often allowed to work on your own responsibility, but still have a competent contact person with you when questions or problems arise.

Nadine Kerscher2nd year of apprenticeship as an office clerk

Full support

Currently I am completing an internship at RLE. Right from the start it was clear: I want to stay! In a flash I had been integrated by my new colleagues, and you could see right away: RLE means teamwork!

My work is varied and the collegial atmosphere at the workplace facilitates my performance. In addition, RLE any time gives me the chance to implement what I have learned during my studies and to gain a deeper insight into processes and procedures.

For these reasons, I am looking forward to writing my final thesis at the end of this year. Because of the wide range of available topics finding the most suitable one isn’t a piece of cake. Therefore I am glad that I can throughout the process of writing fully rely on the support of my colleagues. I'm looking forward to the outcome and future cooperation.

Dennis SchifferTrainee for Business Services & Consulting