Who are we looking for?

RLE provides a broad array of services, thus we are seeking talented individuals with a range of backgrounds. Having a background clearly oriented around engineering by way of experience in a technical apprenticeship profession or university study is ideal for those looking to join RLE in design or project management.

Those with differing academic or professional backgrounds also have employment and career pathing opportunities with us however. In our Business Services & Consulting segment for example, consultants are hired from many different disciplines as well as technical writers and scientists for deployment in diverse projects.



Our project world

The project world at RLE is every bit as varied as the backgrounds of our staff members. Our customers include prominent car makers, automotive suppliers and other interesting firms in agriculture and mechanical and industrial engineering. Our projects concern issues from the large to the small, from including individual component design to total vehicle development. Projects unrelated to development include for example warranty cost optimisation and advising dealers in the automotive segment.



In good hands from day one . . .

New hires are actively integrated into our business processes; this ensures you get off to an optimal start in your area of responsibility. The RLE programme for new hires involves a structured training schedule throughout the standard probationary period with feedback talks which follows a group inducement event. Our business model is designed to help you rapidly obtain competency for taking on tasks and projects under your own autonomous responsibility, drawing upon your experience as well. A mentoring concept is place to facilitate your getting started and rapidly oriented at RLE. Navigation talks are held for us to jointly ensure that you benefit from the skills development and training opportunities we offer. We work jointly to develop your career.

Your contact persons

Christoph Sbrisny

Responsible for your career and all questions about the application process