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What is the RLE Campus like? "Modular – Non-linear – IT-supported" is the answer. ‘Modular’ means a work-study structure enabling you to take one more step in advancing your career at RLE with each training module you complete. ‘Non-linear’ means you’re not on the path to ONE career with us, it’s the path to YOUR career. Your path might lead to becoming an expert specialist, project head, manager, consultant . . . anything is possible! ‘IT-supported’ means your efforts and results are transparent and efficient.

Careers: Individual and future-oriented

The RLE Staff Development programme is designed around the goals of developing and updating of methodological, professional and personal skills and competencies. The overarching goal is to provide our employees a spectrum of attractive career-pathing opportunities.

The programme is aligned with the strategic objectives of the firm, thus contributing directly and substantially to the the success of the enterprise. One key element in the concept is systematically developing the specialist and managerial abilities of younger employees. The career goals of the individual are thus in close, productive harmony with the strategic objectives of the firm.



RLE Green Spirit: Open-door training opportunities

The lecture series open for ALL! Employees are invited to attend the "RLE GreenSpirit open Lectures" to hear keynote speakers, engage in dialogue and learn what they need to take action. IT infrastructure is in place enabling staff members located anywhere around the world to join in the lecture events.



Your contact persons

Christoph Sbrisny

Responsible for your career and all questions about the application process